Pastors Perspective October 15 2020

Election day is less than three weeks away, although many have already cast their ballots either through early voting or absentee ballots.  At some point on or after election day, the winners of the various offices will be announced and, at some point after that, those people will be sworn in to their positions.  Presently, it seems as though the political machines that are trying to get their candidates elected are focusing on telling us how dramatically our world will change – positively or negatively – depending on who we vote for.  Some of the loudest voices are telling us that we are at risk of becoming a fundamentally different place than we are today.

Our media and politics today seem to be so focused on division that they have to proclaim that the world is coming to an end – if we don’t support the right causes or vote for the right people.  Yet I look around our community and I see people of all different backgrounds and demographic categories coming to help out neighbors in need.  I see children organizing events geared towards safely and responsibly bringing people back together for fellowship and fun.  I see residents, either on their own or collectively, taking time to clean up our island home.  I see people stopping to talk to others with genuine care for what is going on in their lives.  All of these actions contribute to making our community such a fantastic place to live, and none of them have to be impacted by the results of this election.

There can be no doubt that, as the saying goes, “elections have consequences.”  However, no matter what the results are, this election does not have to impact my character in the slightest, and it doesn’t have to impact your character either.  Despite what the political advertisements may be proclaiming, you can still love your neighbor, love the environment, seek justice for all, and be a generally kind person regardless of who is in office or which party is in power.

One of the things that I love about my Christian faith is that it is based upon a personal relationship with Jesus.  God will hold me accountable for the choices that I make, and whether I follow His will or my own.  He won’t hold me accountable for the choices that my parents made, and he won’t hold me accountable for what my neighbors do.  Through his holy Scriptures, God has given us a standard of behavior that reflects his morality, and his expectation is that we will follow it regardless of the circumstances around us.  My accountability is to God, and to his Word, no matter who wins an election, and the same goes for you too.

My friends, you are in control of the decisions that you make.  Prayerfully consider your options for who to vote for, and make your selections.  Then focus simply on being the person who God created you to be.  Love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and then our community will remain a truly special place to live – regardless of how the election turns out.

Peace and blessings – Pastor Aaron